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About Greenview Eagles

Greenview Eagles was established by Coach Canzater in the 1960s . The Eagles Football and Cheer Program was a dominant force in youth athletics for 30yrs with a host of great coaches and athletes that wore the almighty green & gold of the Greenview Eagles.

The New Era Greenview Eagles was established in 2021 by Antione Williams, Torrance Gillilam and Michael Brown . Our goal is to restore the rich tradition of youth athletics in the Greenview community and the City of Columbia and be a dominant force on the football field. We currently have over 200 athletes including cheer that make up the New Era Greenview Eagles. Come be apart of excellence the Big Eagle 🦅 way or No way!

–Coach A. R. Williams

Mission Statement

To lead the Greenview Eagles family of coaches, student athletes, parents, and staff in the support and development of building a championship Football and Cheer Program, which emphasizes education, teamwork, personal growth, leadership, and the development of athletes, dedicated to making a positive impact to both our organization and community.


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